Darkness SphereEdit

This item stops certain spells against some heroes. Good if that hero is the strongest foe

Useful against:

Kuzan - Stops Q / E(only stun) / R (1 nova) / T

Byakuya/Gecko - Always stop their hold in 1v1

Tosen Kaname - Stops Q (no more Q+R combo)

>Note: Only stops sleeping, and E waste Sphere

Nico Robin

Gecko Moria

Kuchiki Rukia

Hero Effect
Kurosaki Ichigo R (stops mini-stun)
Kuzan Q (stops stun only) / E(stops stun only) / R (stops the slow or stun of 1 nova pulse) / T (stops stun only(?))
Uchiha Sasuke E (wastes Darkness)
Squall Lionheart N/A

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