Tosen Kaname
Attack Cooldown
Initial CD 1.2
Initial APS 0.83
Transformed CD 1.2
Max APS 4.17
More Data
Base Hp 210
Base Armor 1
Base Damage 60
# of Dice 2
# of Sides 6
Agility + Level 30+3.25
Strength + Level 30+3.75
Intel + Level 30+2
Movement Speed 320
Transformed MS Bonus 0


Spell TypeEdit

Q - Pure Damage

W - Physical Damage (critical hits)

E - Pure Damage

R - Physical Damage

T - N/A


E is one of the most deadly spells (70% max hp at max lvl)

Can be useful even if weak due to E





W gives evasion, which means that a normal Butterfly's evasion becomes less useful as W increases. When only looking at damage per second, many other items have a greater dps-to-cost ratio

T can permanently silence people with unless they enter T when it gets re-casted (very rare)

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