Soi Fon
Attack Cooldown
Initial CD 1.25
Initial APS 0.8
Transformed CD 1.15
Max APS 4.35
More Data
Base Hp 550
Base Armor 2
Base Damage 70
# of Dice 2
# of Sides 6
Agility + Level 25+2
Strength + Level 45+4.75
Intel + Level 20+2.25
Movement Speed 340
Transformed MS Bonus +80


Spell TypeEdit

Q - Physical Damage (critical hits), Magical Damage (bash hits)

W - Physical Damage

E - Pure Damage

R - Magical Damage (Bankai)

T - Physical Damage


Great at hunting weaker targets


Lacks farming skills


just powerfarm and hunt low hp targets until lvl 20 then go get orb of frost with your T (one hit sure kill) and start farming the menos until level 40 when you can get your ghost ring and by that time you already won the game


just stay away from this one


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