In Warcraft III, units can only have 1 orb effect and 1 buff placer applied to their attacks. When you have both a lifesteal orb effect and a maim orb effect, only 1 of the two works. Note that a frost effect on ranged heroes will be considered as a buff placer. Urahara's Offering provides a lifesteal aura, not orb so it can stack with other lifestealing items, except Frostmore.

This is a chart of priority to help determine which orb effect activates when a unit has more than 1 orb effect (an effect can be both an orb and buff placer). The arrow points to the effect that is activated. 'Place' refers to where the item is in inventories. Top row has priority over the bottom and and left coloumn has priority over the right one. Top left has the highest priority while bottom right has the lowest one. 'Both' means that both effects will apply. 1 and 2 denotes a special case.

Even if the orb has a percent chance of activating, like maim, it still overrides orbs of lower priority even if the orb doesn't activate. A unit with maim will never feedback its target.

Item SummaryEdit

Item Ranking

This section orders items in terms of Hp, Armor, Damage, Attack Speed, Agi, Str, and Int. These numbers have been adjusted to reflect what you would have if you could by the equivalent amount of stats if you had 10k gold to spend.

Filler Items

Ironwood Branch

Ring of Protection

Hollow Skin


Shihoin Shuriken

Spirit Talisman

Dps Items





Totem of Might



Red Butterfly

Lifesteal Items

Urahara's Offering

Mask of Vizard

Helm of Life Stealer

Arrancar's Horn

Utility Items

Darkness Sphere

Sentomaru's Axe

How to item buildEdit


Step 1: Create a generic item build plan

Step 2: Adjust it based on your hero

Step 3: Adjust it based on the other team’s hero and how the game is going


Step 1: Shihoin’s Boots, Katen, Lifesteal, Butterfly, dps item, filler items (Ring or +6/3 stat items)

Step 2: Use more stat item if you have stat based skills

-Use Frozen Hollow Mask if you are ranged and want to support your allies

-Use int items if you are an int hero

-Use more supportive items if your hero is better off as a support

-Avoid Butterfly if your hero has evasion skills

-Avoid boots if your hero has high MS

(Detailed Step 2 is on Section 5, unless I delete it. In that case, I will expand on this)

Step 3: Use Darkness Sphere to counter certain heroes

-Use more supportive/survival items to help allies if you’re weak

Item BuildsEdit

Go full porno build