Gol D Ace
Attack Cooldown
Initial CD 1.24
Initial APS 0.81
Transformed CD 1.24
Max APS 4.03
More Data
Base Hp 400
Base Armor 2
Base Damage 50
# of Dice 2
# of Sides 12
Agility + Level 30+3
Strength + Level 40+3.5
Intel + Level 20+2.5
Movement Speed 310
Transformed MS Bonus 0


Spell TypeEdit

Q - Magical Damage

W - Pure Damage

E - Pure Damage

R - Pure Damage

T - Physical Damage

V - Pure Damage




V burns current hp so casting spells after the attacker does a couple of hits is more effective than casting spells right away



I can't convert the Ace blp. file to an extension that can be uploaded as a picture for some unknown reason

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