Attack Cooldown
Initial CD 1.47
Initial APS 0.68
Transformed CD 1.47
Max APS 3.4
More Data
Base Hp 10
Base Armor 2
Base Damage 80
# of Dice 2
# of Sides 12
Agility + Level 40+3.25
Strength + Level 20+2.75
Intel + Level 30+3
Movement Speed 290
Transformed MS Bonus 0


Spell TypeEdit

Q - Physical Damage

W - Pure Damage

E - Pure Damage

R - Pure Damage

T - Physical Damage


High amounts of pure damage


T is weak against heroes late game


Kill Oz with T


Windwalking while caught in E helps heroes avoid being hit

Kuma's Book has a chance of working when trapped with E


V gives evasion, which means that a normal Butterfly's evasion becomes useless. When only looking at damage per second, many other items have a greater dps-to-cost ratio

The table below shows the damage done to Oz with T. This excludes regeneration effects. Lv 88+ is 0% because Oz gains resistance to certain spells

Oz Level 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88+
% of hp lost 112.9% 80.8% 62.9% 51.5% 43.6% 37.8% 33.3% 0%

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